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Siniat Weather Defence®: an award-winning, rigid air barrier

Siniat Weather Defence Rigid Air Barrier Board
  • Siniat Weather Defence Rigid Air Barrier Board

Any weather – as long as it’s purple.

Weather Defence® has revolutionised building envelope construction and performance.

Siniat Weather Defence® is a rigid air barrier board used behind facade cladding systems to create a pressure equalised cavity for rain screen and ventilated facade systems and offers an array of design benefits.

A market leading feature: Weather Defence® makes structures weathertight fast, allowing internal trades to start their work earlier and thereby reducing the construction cycle. This saves builders and contractors valuable time on site.

Siniat Weather Defence Rigid Air Barrier Board

Weather Defence is a great alternative to cement-based external sheathing boards. It is safe and easy to work with, and saves valuable time. The board can be simply be scored and snapped and there is no silica dust risk.

It’s excellent vapour permeability makes Weather Defence suitable for cold climates. It is classified as vapour permeable Class 4 and it is the only rigid air barrier board that complies with NCC2022 in Climate Zones 6,7 and 8.

Sometimes the best offence is a good defence.

Siniat Weather Defence® is available from PlastaMasta Gold Coast, Southside and Toowoomba now. Get more information on Weather Shield® or download the product data sheet.

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