PineRidge Cement Sheet Lining James Hardie

Woodgrain textured vertical joint fibre cement sheet.

Designed for residential living areas, hallways, garages and workshops where a durable timber-panel look is desired or required, PineRidge™ Lining is a high-quality, timber-textured woodgrain interior wall lining sheet.

The high impact resistance of PineRidge lining, compared with timber, makes it the smart choice for high-traffic areas as the texture helps conceal minor damage. The 2700 x 1198mm sheet size accommodates the width of the PineRidge PVC vertical jointer which makes it easy and fast to install. Additionally, PineRidge can be joined off-stud to minimize wastage.

James Hardie another quality PlastaMasta brand


  • Timber-textured woodgrain interior wall lining sheet
  • Fibre cement with the charm of timber without the longevity issues of shrinking, swelling and warping to retain its looks for longer.
  • Fast and easy to install
  • PineRidge can be joined off-stud

Additional Information


James Hardie

Sheet Size

1198mm x 2700mm






PineRidge (James Hardie) Installation Instructions
PineRidge (James Hardie) Warranty
Villaboard™ (James Hardie) Warranty


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