MastaBase Bedding Cement Siniat

MastaBase is a hard setting plaster based cement for bedding tape into recessed edges and butt joints. It is also suitable for second coating plasterboard joints, internal and external angles and fastener heads.

MastaBase has a consistent working time of 45 minutes with a 60 minute setting time. All Siniat jointing and finishing compounds can be used over MastaBase as a final coat.


  • Chemical setting compound
  • High joint strength
  • Easy to scrape back
  • Quick drying
  • Available in a 10kg or 20kg Bag

Additional Information



Unit Size

10kg Bag, 20kg Bag


Powder / Dry Compounds (Siniat) – Safety Data Sheet
Plasterboard (Siniat) Installation Instructions
Siniat System (Siniat) Warranty


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