UltraGrip Stud Adhesive Bostik

Bostik UltraGrip is a specially formulated non-toxic, high strength acrylic stud adhesive designed to minimize nail and screw “popping” caused by timber shrinkage or frame movement. Bostik UltraGrip reduces the quantities of nails and screws required to fix plasterboard, therefore reducing the fastener head stopping and finishing requirements.

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  • Acrylic stud adhesive
  • Formulated for: Timber, Concrete, Metal, Chipboard, Plywood, Masonite & Cement Sheet
  • Reduces the quantity of nails and screws required to fix plasterboard
  • Use on: Plasterboard, Wall studs, Ceiling joists, Solid walls & Solid floors
  • High bond strength
  • No mixing required
  • Available in a 5.2kg bucket

Additional Information

Unit Size

5.2kg Bucket




UltraGrip Stud Adhesive (Bostik) – Product Data Sheet
UltraGrip Stud Adhesive (Bostik) – Technical Data Sheet
UltraGrip Stud Adhesive (Bostik) – Safety Data Sheet


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