PERMAROCK® Indoor Fibre Cement Sheet 13mm Knauf

PERMAROCK® Indoor is a solid, engineered wall and ceiling lining made from inorganic aggregated cement embedded with coated glass fibre mesh that is 100% water resistant making it an ideal tile substrate.

PERMAROCK® Indoor Cement Board is made of Portland cement and aggregate core, with coated glass fibre mesh embedded in back and front surfaces. Ends are square cut and both edges are reinforced and finished smoothly. It is a solid, engineered, inorganic wall lining and 100% water resistant offering a solid and durable substrate for tiles or render style finishing systems.

PERMAROCK® Indoor is the architects and builders premium lining of choice for use in saunas, bathrooms and indoor pools.


  • 100% water resistant, no swelling, disintegration or damage
  • Limited expansion or contraction when exposed to moisture
  • High dimensional stability when exposed to temperature and humidity variations

Additional Information


Wet Area



Sheet Size

1200mm x 3000mm


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PERMAROCK® Cement (Knauf) – Product Data Sheet
PERMAROCK® Cement (Knauf) – Safety Data Sheet