MastaSmooth Cornice Cement Knauf

MastaSmooth is a super fine, white plaster based cornice cement. It is used to attach cornice and decorative features to walls and ceilings. It has a consistent working time of 30 minutes with a 45 minute setting time, and with its high strength and ultra-white finish is perfect for fixing ornamental cornice. Due to its ultra-white finish it is ideal for installing cornice to OPAL board.

A smooth gauge is achieved by extended mixing using an electric mixer on a low speed with the resulting consistency thinner than normal. MastaSmooth has good body and excellent initial grab. It is great to straight stop and clean to leave a smooth, white finish. MastaSmooth provides an even and gradual 45 minute set even with extra mixing.

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  • Chemical setting
  • 45 minute setting time
  • Quick initial grab
  • Superior bond strength
  • Sets to a brilliant white finish
  • Available in a 20kg bag

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20kg Bag


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