MastaFinish Joint Compound Knauf

MastaFinish is a premium jointing compound designed for the finishing coat over plasterboard joints. It is suitable for use over MastaBase and MastaLongset Bedding Cements and is premixed and ready to use from the bucket, with no need to add water when hand trowelling. MastaFinish is the solution for topping plasterboard joints when a superior finish is desired for any commercial or residential project.

MastaFinish has great body for hand trowelling, delivering smooth and effortless final coating for joints, internal and external angles and fastener heads. It maintains body when mixed or worked on the hawk and does not dry out too fast, allowing time to produce fine, feathered edges. MastaFinish is very resistant to cracking in internal angles.

MastaFinish has a dark brown colour when applied making it easy to determine progress of jointing. The change in colour as MastaFinish dries indicates that joints are dry and ready for sanding. The dark colour is also useful for identifying patches to be sanded after minor repairs to walls have been completed.

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  • Air drying compound
  • Superior finish
  • Easy to trowel
  • Easy to sand
  • Available in a 20kg, pre-mixed bucket

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20kg Bucket


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